I am interested in your services; how do I get started?
All new clients meet with Robin Abrahamson, our CPA, to review your tax situation and allow you to ask questions. The initial consultation is free and does not require signing onto the firm. To get started, follow the link to Schedule a Meeting!

Please note that we do not onboard new clients for the current tax season after January 31st. Please call our office if you would like to file an extension and work with us after the deadline.

How do I provide my tax documents?
Digital copies of tax documents can be uploaded through your TaxDome portal. Click Client Portal to log in.

Hard copies can be dropped off or mailed to our office. Our office is open for client information drop-offs from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. If you need to drop off outside those hours, please call our office to arrange an after-hours drop-off.

When is the latest I can provide my tax documents?
We have the following deadlines to help ensure timely filing:

  • Business tax returns – Complete documentation must be received by February 15th
  • Individual tax returns – Complete documentation must be received by March 15th

We will extend all returns with documentation received after these deadlines.

Due to the large influx of information we receive around these dates, we recommend providing your information sooner if you want to avoid filing an extension.

What if I have most of my documents, but have 1 or 2 late forms?
Forms such as K-1s and some types of 1099s may arrive later in the spring. If you have about 90% of your documentation ready, we recommend submitting your information now and including a brief note on what we’re waiting for. This way, we can begin the preparation process and move forward quickly after receiving the delayed forms.
What happens if I need an extension?
If you are our current client, we will e-file an extension for you and communicate with you regarding steps to take, if any.

Most extended business tax returns will be due September 15th, and all extended individual tax returns will be due October 15th. An extension only impacts the filing deadline. Any taxes owed with the return are still considered due on the original filing date.

Please note, if you generally pay in or anticipate paying in, we ask that you provide your information as soon as possible so we can prepare an extension calculation.

I need a copy of my prior year's return; what do I do?
Check your TaxDome portal! Prior year returns completed by RRA will be available in your portal. Click Client Portal to log in.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for or need a paper copy, please email Allison at allison@rracpa.ltd or call 952-807-9965 for assistance.

How do your fees work?
We have a standard rate for tax return preparation: $600 for individuals and $800 for businesses, which is subject to change based on tax situation. During your initial consult with Robin, you will receive a detailed quote based on your case.

The tax return prep fee includes preparing, delivering, and filing your return. 30-minute Information Drop-Off and Completed Return Review meetings are optional and included in the fee. Additional time or work not disclosed in the initial consult may incur additional fees.

Bookkeeping is quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Consultations, meetings, and projects outside of the quoted scope are subject to an hourly rate. This includes mid-year and year-end planning, consultations on unique situations, audit assistance, responses to taxing agency notices, etc.

I have questions that are not covered here; what should I do?
Please schedule a meeting with Robin if you have questions about:

  • Detailed tax issues
  • Specifics on your tax return
  • Mid-year or end-of-year planning

Please contact Allison if you have any questions about:

  • The status of your return
  • The TaxDome portal
  • Billing/invoices
  • Getting copies of documents
  • Making tax payments

Allison can be reached by emailing her at allison@rracpa.ltd or calling 952-807-9965